Nav Jeevan Gramodhyog Samiti

Nav Jeevan Gramodhyog Samiti

        Our organization came into in 1997. The indian non-profit sector was developing rapidly. Emerging leaders were creating organization to implement specific projects; they were full of ideas, willing tomake a defference and were able to solicit financial support from numerous Indian organizations. They,however, locked experience and knowledge. The NJGS became the unique educational & social technologeis and development new ones. The NJGS center providing support to rural and urban poor people free of charge.
       Our activities scale grew from just several villages to all tahsil levelgot involved in our projects. The NJGS experts became especially valued when the Indian social business sectoracknowledged the need to develop social projects. The Largest Indian socially responsible goverment ministries became our funding partners. Among suuch collaborations, the NGO coordinates the work of gender development, and no. of health relevant activities under the various projects and programs.
        In 2007, the NGO's relations became more meaningful. from being just a recipiet of historical activates our organization grew to a fully responsible partner and implementer of join projects with our organization. The need for direction. Accurate information and consultancy increased dramatically. The Indian non-profit sector became noticeably stronger, which gave rise to a demand for absolutely new, innovative experts are developing various innovative methods for assessing the effectiveness of urban and rural poverty alleviation, as well as techniques for building relations with target communities, NGO's. Government, Social groups and state non-profit bodies on the basis of the openness and transparency of organization activities We believe that our best achievement is in having created a highly qualified team of managers and experts who share not only professional, but also personal values, which makes of our projects possible.


        The Vision of organization is to play a dynamic and catalytic role with various Government projects/scheme/programs towards the many-sided development of rural people in the part of village and provide services them education, health programs by Government.


       > The mission of organizationis to work in close co-ordination with various rural communities and empower them by :
               1. Engaging them in dialogue.
               2.Respecting their thoughts, ideas and culture historical.
               3.Harnessing their resources.
               4. Providing education and vocational Training for social-economic development, particularly the women, The weaker sections of society                         and other under privileged section of rural society.
              5. Walk hand-in-hand with them on the way to rural prosperity.

Managing Board

S.N. Name Qualification Post
1. S.K.Mishra M.COM, Social Work 34 years exp Project Manager
2. Dr. H.D. Yadav P.hd in History 2001 Project Coordinator
3. Naveen Kumar Pandey B.Com, Diploma in ICT Office Assistance
4. Hari Pal B.A. Social Worker Field Worker
5. Atul Rostogi M.A.-MSW Field Super Wiser
6. Smt. Nisha Shukla B.A. Diploma in Cutting Tailoring Trainer
7. Rajesh Kumar Intermediate Office Worker